Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

I offer the expertise and experience you need for your personal injury or worker’s compensation case. I have handled a variety of personal injury cases, such as motor vehicle, slip and fall, lender liability, legal malpractice, products liability, jailhouse suicides, child abuse against molester, recovery of insurance proceeds, slander/libel claims, skiing/tubing, psychologist malpractice, airline injuries and many more.

Below is a partial list of some of the cases I have successfully litigated for my clients:

Electrocution$3.3 million Settlement
Scaffolding accident$490,000 Jury verdict
Motor vehicle (uninsured)$250,000 Jury verdict
Psychologist malpractice$130,000 Settlement
Defamation/hate mail$66,000 Jury verdict
Child abuse$550,000 Court verdict
Liquor liability$160,000; $185,000 Settlement
Jailhouse death$100,000 Settlement
Airline injury$60,000 Settlement
Tubing accident$175,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$250,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$142,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$60,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$77,500 Settlement
Motor vehicle$175,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$125,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$150,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$93,500 Settlement
Motor vehicle$75,000 Settlement
Motor vehicle$95,000 Settlement
Slip and Fall$75,000 Settlement
Workman’s Compensation$175,000 Lump sum settlement
Workman’s Compensation$162,500 Lump sum settlement
Workman’s Compensation -NH Supreme Court Appeal$228,000 – Settled after decision

I will walk you through the process and make certain you understand your rights for a successful resolution and that you obtain the justice you deserve as quickly as possible.

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