Ever since I opened my practice in 1974, I have represent clients throughout the state of New Hampshire as they fight for their rights and to protect their legal and financial interests. I provide my clients with an advocate who is experienced and well-prepared to bring about a desirable outcome to their case. I devote the time and knowledge necessary to aid each client through the litigation process… whether it is the recovery of satisfactory compensation, a positive outcome that promotes a divorced parent and child’s best interest, or coming to a financially acceptable business resolution.Thanks to my many years serving as a trial attorney in New Hampshire, I have been instilled with the concept that a fully informed client increases the prospects of a positive resolution. It is my office’s policy that clients receive all documents generated from the firm. I also provide access to my clients beyond the office, through my personal cell and email contact information. The litigation process can be a very stressful experience and so it is important to be accessible at all times when important questions or issues arise.

I view my relationship with my clients as a partnership, the goal of which is to bring about a successful conclusion to their most important case. While there are many attorneys to choose from, very few provide the personal care and attention that I bring to a case.

Outside of the office I enjoy the outdoors, with activities including hiking Mount Monadnock with my dog and Spartan obstacle courses. I also enjoy yoga and meditation, as well as traveling with my family.

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